Introducing Australasia's No.1 Weighted Hula Hoop

Introducing Australasia's No.1 Weighted Hula Hoop

So you can have workout fun anytime, anywhere!


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the silent version is here

  • Engineered for comfort and quietness, this hula hoop is perfect for exercising while watching TV, listening to music, or chatting on the phone. Fits waists 31-44 inches with customizable size.
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The Smart HULA

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Tired of fad diets, pills, Instagram bodies, gym memberships, trainers, and weight loss programs? Smart HULA is the ultimate fitness solution.

It's customisable for all fitness levels and ages, promoting core strength and overall well-being. This affordable, at-home fitness solution simplifies your health journey (both physical and mental), offering stress relief, and results with convenience.

Join the Smart HULA revolution today for a healthier, happier you!

Rave Reviews

As a mom of 3, I never have time for a separate workout routine and thank God I found Smart HULA! Now I can feel great while and after working out. I have already dropped a dress size after working out for only 1.5 months. I feel healthy! I feel energetic like never before! I feel great! Thank you Smart HULA!

Donna G.

I've always been overweight and lazy because I did not enjoy going to the gym. I had no motivation to workout! One day my friend suggested me the Smart HULA and my life changed! Now I can workout absolutely anywhere. This is so much fun, and I can feel the burn after only 20 minutes! I wish I got it sooner!

Ivy H.

I found it really easy to use. I loved how you could change the size of it by clipping on to add more links or removing them. It was very comfortable to use as well.

Alisha K.

The Smart HULA is easy to set up, adjust and use. The segments can be easily added or removed to comfortably fit my waist. "Hooping" is easier with the Smart HULA compared to the conventional hula hoop, as it stays along a fixed circumference around my waist. The best thing about it is that this allows me to focus on keeping the momentum going, and not fussed about the hoop falling down!

Sherly N.

My girlfriend bought one for me as I spend most of my time on a computer. First day onwards it was super fun which made me continue using it. Now I can work out even while I'm working! That's crazy! What a fantastic product.

Alex W.

The Smart HULA is a fun way to exercise at home! It is easy to use and is great in quality. I love how it can fit anyone by adjusting the amount of knots on it. I also love how my one is pink!

Tiarna H.

Meet Your Next Fun Fitness Friend

For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

Our Story

Smart HULA became a reality when two full-time working middle-class parents wanted to be fit, without breaking the bank with expensive PT sessions or gym memberships and making working out a chore!

Who has time for a separate fitness routine anymore? If they do they should be wizards! All we want is ONE stress-free, comfortable, durable and high-quality fitness equipment that worked for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Smart HULA has been extensively tried, tested, upgraded and seen results. So there is no other like the Smart HULA out there. Don't get fooled by visually similar cheap knockoffs.

When I jazz up some to music and put on the Smart HULA, for 30 minutes a day - that's my ME time!

follow our story and more...

What is Smart HULA?

It is a hula hoop! But it’s a hula hoop like no other! Unlike the traditional ones, Smart HULA will never fall due to its ingenious design. So, even if you never have hula hooped before, you can have heaps of FUN working out with the Smart HULA!

Smart HULA is a great cardio exercise machine. Did you know that hula hooping is one of the most safe and effective calorie burn methods out there? These are facts backed up by research! Weighted hula hoop workouts are much similar to resistance training and HIIT workouts and 100% safe to do!


Why You Should Own a Smart HULA?

Lack of time, motivation, energy, consistency will never stop you from staying fit when you have a Smart HULA. Simply because, working out will never feel like a chore anymore!

We have tried, tested and upgraded to provide maximum efficiency, highest durability, and total comfort!

We are a small biz owned and operated in Melbourne, Australia. We value the Australian way and pride in providing quality over quantity. That means we will never ever give you something that we cannot offer to our families!


How you can be fit and confident with smart hula?

Smart HULA can burn fat up to 3 times faster than a regular hula hoop. 360 degree massage nodes help it even more! Use it for only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Unlike the electric stimulators and lasers Smart HULA is 100% safe to use on body.

Smart HULA can be adjusted to fit any body size, so not only you, but anyone in your family can have a great cardio workout with it!



Can hula hooping slim your waist?

Including hula hooping in your daily routine may help you burn calories, shed fat, and tone your muscles for a slim waist. In addition to the overall weight loss, it also tones and trains the muscles in the belly area. Tightening the muscles in this area can sculpt the overall shape of your waist. It's not us saying it but the experts. Weighted hula hoop actually really works!

Did you know that using Smart HULA can burn fat 3 times faster than a regular hula hoop? With a 30 minutes of workout, for five times a week, you can burn up to 800 calories! It means you get more efficient fat loss with Smart HULA to reach your dream waistline faster!

Are Weighted hula hoops safe to use?

Weighted hula hoops can be a great addition to your exercise program, even if you're only able to hula hoop for a few minutes at a time a couple times during the day. In fact, any type of hula hooping, using a weighted hula hoop or a regular hula hoop, can help you meet your exercise goals and provide aerobic activity. Don't take our word for it? Mayo Clinic says the same thing. And also NBCnews.

But importantly, you have to make sure you buy a high-grade weighted hula hoop from a reliable source that does not break and fall off or bruise your skin with extended use.

Why Smart HULA is the Best weighted hula hoop?

Smart HULA is not the ordinary weighted hula hoop you find everywhere. It has been tried, tested and upgraded by us before it was ever released. This means that there is nothing out there like Smart HULA.

It is always quality over quantity for us. We make sure that the Smart HULA is made out of high quality material that is resistant to wear and tare, and, comfortable on your skin. Other hula hoops would give you bruises while Smart HULA does not. Smart HULA won't break or fall like other cheap knockoffs on EBay, Amazon, or other mass fitness marketing sites.

We provide a 14-day money back and a 3-year warranty to tell you how confident we are about Smart HULA!

Without a doubt, Smart HULA is the best smart hula hoop out there.

Why is this a "Smart" hula hoop?

Smart HULA can be adjusted to the body size, so it can be easily attached and does not fall off so no injuries are caused by weighted hoop drops. That is why it is called Smart HULA - smart enough to know that it should not trouble you while you enjoy your workout!

That's not all - This weight loss hoop has a soft gravity ball with adjustable weights and 360 degree massage nodes that help burn fat faster (8 times faster than a regular hula hoop). You just need to shake your body so that the ball glides repeatedly until it goes around your waist.

Who can use Smart HULA?

Basically, anyone! Young, adult, anyone with reduced mobility or who likes to gain and maintain a slim waist. This is because of the adjustable size of Smart HULASmart HULA has 24 detachable knots, so you can adjust the waist size according to your wish. so that all family members can use this exercise hoop. However, please do supervise if your children want to try the hoop! Also, the largest waist size that uses all 24 knots cannot be over 105cm. If your waist is larger than 105cm, you may not be able to use it as it is. If so, please contact us on support@smarthula.com.au to get yourself some extra nodes.

What if I Don't like my Smart HULA?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee so if you don't like it, you can send it back in the original condition with proof of purchase from Smart HULA. Please do contact support@smarthula.com.au to before you start to return it. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange postage or refund you for change of mind after the 14 days as we are a small local company. Still feel free to reach us at support@smarthula.com.au to know what other options are available under such circumstances.

Did you know that smart hula is…

The Best value for money!

Don't get fooled by cheap knock-offs or pay ridiculous brand prices. Smart HULA provides quality-tested, best weighted hula hoops that are the best value for your investment. While other seemingly cheaper options would scam you or give you a hoop that’s defective or low-grade, only Smart HULA will give you the highest quality, secure payment methods, 12-month warranty, 14-day money back guarantee, buy now pay later options, and 5-star customer service.


Safe and Efficient for Weight loss!

Smart HULA can burn fat up to 3 times faster than a regular hula hoop. 360 degree massage nodes help it even more! Use it for only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week! You will start losing weight in just 7 days! Unlike the electric stimulators and lasers Smart HULA is 100% safe to use on body. Use it with the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer for an advanced workout!



The weights mean Smart HULA does not fall! So you can have a great time while burning that unwanted fat to be a stronger and toned version of yourself!


best smart hula hoop made with HIGH QUALITY material

The nodes are safer because they are made out of high quality ABS material. So they don't snap off or age easily. This makes Smart HULA durable! Rotating axle scrolls smoothly to give you 360 degree massage to the abdominal area making fat burn 3 times faster than by using a traditional hula hoop. This makes Smart HULA effective for weight loss and slimming waist!


best home workout method for weight loss

Because we have tried, tested and upgraded the design of the Smart HULA, there is no other like it! It would look similar to some, but when you feel it, you will know the difference! You will feel the quality, and when put on and workout, you will feel the fat burning. You will feel that you have taken back the control of your life!

We pride ourselves to reach quality over quantity and would not offer anything that we would not offer our loved ones!


smart hula is worth it!

Unlike every other cheap option, Smart HULA provides more durable silica gel shelled weights - makes the rotation smoother and handling easier! 3 sets of upgraded 360-degree silent rollers provides flexible rotation. It also reduces the noise than the cheaper alternatives and is more stable and safer. Also the weight of the ball and length of the string can be easily adjusted to change the level of the workout. This is another reason that makes Smart HULA the best weighted hula hoop in Australia!