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Smart HULA

Sweet Sweat® Waist Trimmer

Sweet Sweat® Waist Trimmer

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Kick-off your fitness journey and maximize your workouts with the Sweet Sweat® Waist Trimmer, designed with premium neoprene to help you get the most out of your next Smart HULA workout, any other cardio, circuit or high-intensity interval training session. 

The waist trimmer will make you sweat harder on your abdomen making the loss of water quicker leading to increased weight loss.

Smart HULA is dedicated to provide you the best quality always without you having to break the bank! So you are guaranteed to get the best price for this best quality and super effective Sweet Sweat® waist trimmer from us!

  • The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is contoured to fit around your waist comfortably and is naturally flexible to allow for a full range of motion.

  • Made with extra-thick, Premium CR Neoprene for an enhanced sweating experience.

  • Grid inner lining will not only repel moisture & sweat absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during exercise.

  • Includes Mesh bag to Wash & Store your Waist Trimmer.

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