We are a family of four who are also working parents, passionate about our health and wellness, so we can be healthy for our loved ones! We can be active with our kids and enjoy life! But we were determined to not make working out a tedious chore! We are no experts in fitness either! Then we found weighted hula hoops.
Workout with a weighted intelligent hula hoop is so much fun and we still do it!  Put on some music or go to a park with our Smart HULA and viola! We can make an intense workout happen just in minutes! But why have all this fun and fitness to ourselves, we thought. Being able to bring what we discovered to the whole nation is what drives Smart HULA Australia.
As a proud Australian-based company, we are dedicated to bring workout fun to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We are all about quality; if we cannot offer them to our loved ones, we will not offer them to you!


We are in awe with the support of everyone who is looking for quality of life is giving us by reaching for the No.1 Smart HULA intelligent hula hoop.
We at Smart HULA are proud to be the No.1 seller for high-quality intelligent weighted hula hoops in Australia and New Zealand. Our warehouse and support teams work very closely to guarantee the quality and accuracy of all our items in our specialised store, because we want to provide individual attention to and the best customer service with all products we have in store.


We are located in Chadstone, Melbourne - we are dedicated to provide the best services every day. 

Our store is currently open for orders from all over Australia and New Zealand.