Learn to Work Your Smart HULA with Ease!

Learn to Work Your Smart HULA with Ease!

The Smart HULA can be an excellent addition to one’s workout routine. Why? Because it does not require you to leave your house and go to a gym. You can use the hoop right in your garden, living room, bedroom or any other place of your choice.

Weighted hula hoops do happen to be heavier than regular hula hoops. They can help you improve your balance and flexibility; build your core strength among their many benefits.

Smart HULA comes three main sections:

  • The gravity ball: which is the ingenious idea of having a weight attached to the hula hoop to avoid it from falling, which giving the resistance to the workout.
  • The rollers: this is attached to the gravity ball via an adjustable string, and which goes on the railing on the hoop to turn the gravity ball. You can also adjust the length of the string according to your preference. The shorter the rope is, the harder it is to swing the weight.
  • The hoop: With a railing for the rollers to go in, magnetic lock and 24 or more removable links, with massage knobs attached to them to provide a superior level of comfort

You can use the Smart HULA like you would use a regular hula hoop by moving your hips in circles. The goal here is to lift the ball weight and keep it swinging across your body. Even though you need special attention to keep the regular hoop around your waist, with the Smart HULA, the hoop will sit comfortably at your waist, so you only have to focus on keeping the momentum going with the gravity ball.

You can visit our YouTube to see more hands-on videos on how the Smart HULA is used.

Keep in mind that if the length of the rope is longer, you will need a lot of space to keep the gravity ball weight swinging. In that case, if the room of your choice is small, you might need to move some furniture around. You will most probably not have to face this problem if you use the hoop in your garden or backyard instead. And go to here to get your own Smart HULA now!

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