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Smart HULA

Smart HULA Booty Bands

Smart HULA Booty Bands

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Level up your workout routine with our Smart HULA fabric resistance booty bands! 

These premium booty bands combined with your Smart HULA can take your fitness journey to the next level with a FUN and total body workout


booty, legs, arms, abs and more!

Smart HULA resistance booty bands are the highest-quality, no-slip and breathable with the ability to absorb sweat. Whether you're looking to build strength or gain mobility, booty bands are ideal for a range of different workouts and exercises. Our bands are of three different resistance levels, ensuring all bands fit perfectly and are suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

They come with a breathable, mesh carry bag making them ideal to carry while travelling or enabling you not to miss your workout while having a hectic working day.

The best resistance booty bands n Australia and New Zealand none other than from Smart HULA (


  • NO ROLLING, NON-SLIP, NEVER BREAK - Smart HULA Booty Bands engineered with comfortable touch blend and built-in grips. You won't have “roll-up” or “snap” problems during exercise with our fabric resistance bands, which happen quite often while using rubber exercise bands. Smart HULA non-slip workout resistance bands are made of the best quality cotton and latex on the market. They are extra wide (Extra wide 8cm/3.15") and also have the optimal length to stay comfortably on both thigh areas and also below the knees. 
  • 3 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE IN A SET OF 3 - Smart HULA Booty Bands come in a pack of 3 with different levels of resistance  (12kg/26lbs, 16kg/35lbs, 22kg/48lbs approx.). Use 2-3 bands together for up to 50kg/110lbs. The fitness bands are coded from least resistance to strongest. With different levels of strength, our booty bands provide you with more flexibility for your exercise routine, making sure all your workout goals and intensity levels can be achieved.
  • PERFECT IN IMPROVING OVERALL WELLNESS - Our workout bands can be applied for a range of workouts, from yoga to pilates to your own at-home workout program, from glute and hip activation and strength techniques to warm up your entire body for a Smart HULA workout. Smart HULA Booty Bands are able to help engage muscle groups in a gentle yet productive way, allowing you gradually and effectively strengthen your muscles to refine your figure.  These resistance bands are best for Abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and hips as they could help you perform squats correctly, and keep your knees pushed out. It can also be a powerful training tool for the whole body. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength deserves these.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE, TAKE WORKOUT ANYWHERE - Smart HULA Resistance Bands are lightweight and space-efficient that you can easily stash them in your suitcase or hand luggage with the included carrying bag, making it perfect for a workout anywhere, whether it's at home, at the gym, or even take along to the park to perform some glute exercises while getting some fresh air. Take your workout anywhere with this versatile and easily transportable piece of fitness equipment.
  • EASY TO USE & SAFE, LIFETIME WARRANTY - The No.1 key to getting training results is by staying consistent and eliminating excuses. Smart HULA Resistance Bands are designed to provide great workouts that can accommodate Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime, while training Any Movement at Any Intensity, so no more excuses to miss your workout. all Smart HULA Resistance Bands include a 14-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty,

Smart HULA is dedicated to provide you with the best quality always without you having to break the bank! So you are guaranteed to get the best price for this best quality and super effective Smart HULA Booty Bands from us!

Some workout examples:

The best resistance booty bands n Australia and New Zealand none other than from Smart HULA (


Do straight leg lifts easily with this fine quality Exercise Band.

  1. Lie on an exercise mat with your hip support.
  2. lay on your back and lift them all the way up and slowly down your leg.
  3. Keep your back straight repeat the lift.


Working on your glutes, quads, and abs

  1. Lie on an exercise mat with your knees bent, so that your feet are flat on the floor
  2. Keep your back straight
  3. Raise your glutes off the floor by extending your hips upward to the sky, continue until your back, hips, and thighs are in a straight line


Squats are exercises designed to benefit the lower body, especially the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

  1. Stand up with your feet and shoulder apart and your band placed just above your knees
  2. Bend your knees, press your hip back and stop the movement once the hip joint is slightly lower than your knees
  3. Press your heels into the floor to return to the initial position.
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