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Get ready to wear that dream dress this summer!

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Smart HULA will keep you active and motivated so you can reach your weight loss goals faster! How, you might ask? 

Smart HULA is an ingenious hula hoop that will stay on your hips so you do your hula hoop workouts without the fear of the hoop falling down. Working out with Smart HULA will make your heart pump more blood to your muscles and get those core, waist and glutes muscles activated so they will burn more energy (aka calories; aka, fat)! It is so much fun, so you will NEVER FEEL WORKING OUT AS A CHORE YOU DREAD ANYMORE! Ah, and, when you lose links as you go through days with your Smart HULA makes you want to do it even more!

This means you stay consistently motivated to work out and fit into that dream dress you've been eyeing or in the back of the closet in no time!

Pair it with the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer to lose that water weight faster and you will feel your toned abs sooner!

  • We are 100% Australian-owned and operated! With a 14-day money-back guarantee and 36-month warranty, you know you are getting the BEST smart hula hoop under the sun
  • Smart HULA can be adjusted to fit any body size, so not only you, but anyone in your family can have a great cardio workout with it!
  • Unlike electric stimulators, lasers and fad diet pills and liquids, Smart HULA is 100% safe to use on the body.
  • You will SAVE hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you will spend at the gym trying to start your fitness journey with just one piece of equipment that will be with you for years to come!

Smart HULA is 30% discounted for a limited time for EOFY 2023 (original price is $99.99 but now for $79.99).

But as a VIP member, you will also have FREE SHIPPING with your next order!

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The secret to achieving your weight loss goals

It is CONSISTENCY! We can't stress enough that, working out just 10 minutes at least, every day is what makes you reach that goal! Smart HULA makes it eaiser for you, because it is not just a workout - it's a FUN workout!

We workout Smart, not hard! Right ladies?

Also, you have to remember to,

  1. get a good night rest,
  2. drink at least 2L of liquid (ideally water) and
  3. have a calorie deficit in your meals

to achieve your weight loss goals faster. The best way to have the calorie deficit is to skip breakfast.

Do you think you can start with one of these today on top of your workouts with Smart HULA?

Our Mission

We care about you, so your health and well-being are our priorities! We always strive to give you the equal opportunity to stay fit despite the difference in your social, financial and time commitments. We do this by giving you high-grade at-home workout equipment that can be used with no prior experience, zero expert support, and no expensive memberships! We also believe that the path to being healthy and fit should be fun! We are building our community around these values to support each other.

Still not convinced Smart HULA is the right decision?

Then stay in touch with us on our own private Facebook channel to know about meal plans, healthy food options and workout routines. We built this COMMUNITY as a support group for anyone trying to lose weight the healthy way.

We also have giveaways and prizes for the friendly competitions we hold there. Wait for an admin to approve you into the group.