Reliving Childhood in Style with Smart HULA

Reliving Childhood in Style with Smart HULA

We all know of the original plastic hula hoop. Most of us have spent our childhood playing with it, competing against friends to see who can keep the hoop around their waist longer. However, the smart hula hoop is not the same thing as their original plastic variant. So, what exactly is a smart hula hoop?

The smart hula hoop is new workout equipment. It is not the same size as a usual hula hoop; it is much smaller. It comes in eight different pieces that you can connect to form the ring. It is user-friendly since you can customise it according to the size of your waist. It is more like a belt that clips around your waist and has a weighted ball attached to it. The hoop has a thick foam padding. The basic theory is that it is one size that fits all. So, it is very comfortable to use, unlike the regular plastic hoops. It is very efficient in reducing weight and eliminating body fat.

It has undeniably gained a lot of popularity on TikTok from videos made by fitness enthusiasts. Perchance, Mariarma Saidyliegh brought the most attention to the equipment as her TikTok video has raked in over three million views. 

Following the trend, journalist Emma Stessman published her review of the trend on She certainly agrees that the smart hula hoop is customisable, compact, and brings stunning results.

You can find smart hula hoops of different colours easily on the internet. Keep in mind that there are lots of scams out there and you don't want to share your credit card details just with anyone. When you are selecting a smart weighted hula hoop, make sure you visit a reliable and transparent, local source with secure payment options, warranty on the product and even better a money-back guarantee.

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