Losing Weight and Slimming Waist with Smart HULA

Losing Weight and Slimming Waist with Smart HULA

Hula hoops have become a fun addition to the world of fitness and health. They come in different types and sizes. The weighted version of hula hoops has become increasingly popular in the fitness world. It is a fun method of working out which keeps you motivated and encourages you to exercise often.

It is a common question among people if a hula hoop can help them lose weight and slim their waist. To answer it briefly and shortly, yes, it can! Weighted hula hoops can effectively help you lose weight and slim down your waist at your home without having to go to the gym.

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin states that people burn an average of seven calories per minute of hooping. It means that they can burn about 210 calories by hooping for only half an hour. The research also mentions that hula hooping gives similar results to the ones gained by cardio kickboxing, boot-camp classes and step aerobics. As a result, it also aids in improving your cardiovascular health. What more do we need?

Research conducted in 2015 also states that hooping can help you lose weight and effectively slim down your waist. A 6-week program of hooping with weighted hula hoops was organized in which 18 women participated. 13 of these women came back for reassessment. The results suggested that there was a significant decrease in the circumference of their hips and their waist.

In 2019, a research was done to show that weighted hula hooping can help abdominal fair percentage reduction and is similar to resistance training.

Hula hooping can be considered a full-body workout since hooping requires a lot of different movements. It tones the muscles of your arms, legs, back and abdomen while also happening to strengthen them.

Thus, it can be said that hooping with a weighted hula hoop is a good exercise for weight loss and slimming the waist among the other long-term health benefits it has. You can get yours right here!

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