Weighted Hula Hoops - Just a Hype?

Weighted Hula Hoops - Just a Hype?

Being a mom of two, I am innately picky now! For my kids, for my partner, and even for myself. Especially when I am trying out something new for the first time. Is it really worth investing on a weighted hula hoop? Is it only a hype? Is it something we would buy and never use at the end of the day?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves when we first started looking at incorporating hula hooping to my fitness "routine". Look, if you call, working out whenever you want, wherever you want and with as little time as possible a routine, yes then I call it a routine too.. Being a busy mom, the least time we have is for myself, and I know I am not alone! We, moms, want to make it count. We still don't want to ignore our family and kids while we are on this path to get fit. 

I was a size 8 5 years ago when I got married. But early in 2021 I was a size12 on my waist.  I could not enjoy a body fitting dress or a sexy pair of jeans! All I wanted was to do that. Maybe somewhere in my mind, I had the feeling that I had to be beautiful for my partner otherwise he will leave me stranded with two kids (talk about low self-esteem, right?). So all that fear, anxiety, and low-confidence made me want to get back into my former shape and gain that former confidence! But I didn't have loads of time or energy to spend on it either!

So I was looking for something that actually works without having to spend so much money or time for that. That's when I came across the smart hula hoop! It was so easy to install, and use. On top of that it is so much fun and I have never been happier with my fitness regiment! I am forever grateful for this smart hula hoop. I am on my way have lost 2 dress sizes (on my waist particularly) after 2 months of using it.

One thing to note however, it is a bit noisy. So I would not use it in the same room when my baby is sleeping. But it is so portable, I can take it when I am going on holidays, and also when I go to the park or the gym (some day! writing this in the middle of pandemic lockdown in 2021!)

My post-pregnancy weight-loss journey started with Smart HULA. I hope yours does too!



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